Douglas College is one of the largest colleges in British Columbia. When we were approached to complete the electrical for the entire Facility, we were thrilled. We were involved from the design stages, right to installing the campus signs on the building. All class rooms, corridors and stairways meet the latest Ashrae Standards.

Institute of
Ocean Sciences Government of Canada


We are always proud when we land a new project. Landing the lighting upgrade for the Institute of Ocean Sciences Government of Canada was one of our proudest project completed to date. Located in Sidney, British Columbia, IOS is an important link in Fisheries and Oceans, and has earned international recognition for its scientific work and expertise. We were told the Hanger Building was originally constructed during World War I. We asked ourselves a simple question. Why did they wait so long to install outside lights?

CN Rail


CN Rail. Another project we are proud of. We landed this project because of our hard work, dedication and attention to details at the Institute of Ocean Sciences Government of Canada. We worked with a team from Amtrak, based out of Chicago Illinois in designing this amazing project. Luckily for us, we had experience with working around trains from our maintenance work at the Bear Creek Park Train and Mini-Golf.


This project was located on Bowen Island. We were asked to assist in the construction of these float homes. These homes are designed and constructed for individuals working in the hospitality industry in Bowen Island. These homes were built on land and eventually docked on the Marina. These float homes not only created an affordable solution for the Bowen Island hospitality industry, they also won top honors for homes built under 900sq feet.

Business Center

Like most of our projects, we started this project from the ground up. This project was constructed and completed during the pandemic. We took the news of the pandemic seriously, so we pre-ordered all of the electrical equipment before we were impacted by the supply chain issues. We were told we were the only electrical contractor to receive all of their electrical equipment ahead of schedule. This allowed us to hand this project over months ahead of schedule.


Coming Soon


We are extremely proud to be a part of this 65 unit, two level underground parkade residential project located in Surrey, B.C. With the Pandemic, most office spaces were empty and commercial construction was on hold. This allowed us to change our gear and grow our residential division. We have been asked for years if we can do the electrical for individuals houses. We now can. We take the same forward thinking and pre-planning approach we use for our commercial projects and bring them into our residential projects.


Coming Soon

This project is located in South Surrey. It's two large commercial building, built over top of a 200 car underground parkade. The first building will house a restaurant, and the second building has 8 tenant spaces on level 1 and a banquet hall located on the second level. The banquet hall will be the first of its kind for the South Surrey Area.